The 1853 Littlepages

As Rose’s 1853 journal begins the Lewis Littlepages are living at Mount Hope in central King William County, Virginia. Her father has just purchased nearby Woodbury on the Mattiponi River where they will soon move. Eldest brother Junius recently completed medical school in Philadelphia and married his Richmond bride last November. They are living at Mount Hope while Oak Dale at the Courthouse is being made ready for them. Rose’s mother Caroline is still recovering from the birth of Helen May, her last child.

Lewis Littlepage, (the Maj./Pa), age 45
Caroline Baker [Ellett] Littlepage, (Ma) age ~ 42
Dr. Junius Littlepage, (Dr. Ju), age 22
Margaret (Mag) [Shook] Littlepage, age ~21
Mary Elizabeth Littlepage, (Mary/Molly), age 20
Rosena Burnley Littlepage, (Rose/Rosa), age ~18
William Thomas Littlepage, (Bil/Bill), age 16
Lewis Livingston Littlepage, (Liv/Live), age 13
Hardin Beverly Littlepage, (Hardy/Hardie), age 11
Caroline Baker Littlepage, (Bake/Baker), age 9
Edmund L. Littlepage (Ed/Eddy), age 8
John Calhoun Littlepage, (Zac), age 6
Lucy Nina Littlepage, (Pigeo/Piggie), age 4
Ann Elizabeth Littlepage, (Nan/Nannie), age 2
Helen May Littlepage, 6 weeks
Lewis and Caroline’s son Andrew Benton Littlepage died in 1838, aged ~3.

The Littlepages used nicknames. Most are straightforward, but sister Lucy’s nickname was taken from pigeon and is pronounced accordingly. Lucy may have been an unusually small baby. Pa, Lewis Littlepage, is sometimes referred to as Major, his rank in the King William County Militia.

There are several close relatives living nearby. Col. Hardin and Col. Edmund Littlepage, Pa’s brothers, live at the family seat of Aspen Grove and adjacent Cool Spring. Caroline’s sister, Mrs. James (Hill) King, Aunt Rose, lives at Spring Pleasant, about 2½ miles away. Rose’s grand-father William M. Ellett, Sr. lives at Riverview near Cohoke on the Pamunkey River. And her uncle William M. Ellett, Jr. (Will) and his family live “down the county.” Assorted other cousins, aunts and uncles are nearby as well.