Rose’s Preface

“Tis greatly wise to talk with our past hours,
And ask them what report they bore to Heaven,
And how they might have borne more welcome news.”

Young’s Nt. Ths.[1]

I have made so many good resolutions in my life and broken them all, that now I have determined for the future to try and do more and talk less of what I am going to do. Lilie, Sister and myself have agreed to keep a diary during this year. How often in life, but more especially in youth, are we inclined to make resolutions for the improvement of ourselves in future, but being weak by nature, and giving to despondency we are apt to let these resolutions vanish, ere one defect in our character has been corrected, but I will be firm in my present purpose, and so employ myself that in years to come should I chance to read this page, I may not have to regret that the days of my youth were spent in idleness and folly.

  1. [1]From The Complaint: or, Night-Thoughts on Life, Death, & Immortality, published between 1742 & 1745, Edward Young (1683-1765)