Friday, December 16th, 1853

I arose very early and was as busy as possible until two o’clk, fixing for the reception of the Richmond folk, when just about that time the carriage drove up empty. I never was so surprised in my life. Bil went up with James. They said the stage driver said he went out to Mr. Shook’s but they were not up, but was all we could learn about them. I can scarcely believe now that they haven’t come. – – Pa spent the day at Mr. James Lipscomb’s sale, he intends buying a good deal of his furniture, but said he could have bought it new much cheaper.[1] – – We could scarcely make him believe any way that the girls didn’t come and indeed would not until he went out and asked James himself. Bil & myself took a long walk down to the swamp hoping to meet them in a hack, thinking they would hire one after they found the stage had left them, but not so.

  1. [1]James A. Lipscomb is listed in the 1853 KW Land Tax Rolls as owning 118 acres near Lanesville known as Allens. He had also just received 105 acres, seemingly adjacent, from W. C. Johnson. How this James Lipscomb is related to the other King William Lipscombs is as yet untraced.

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    1. Rose didn’t make any entries in her journal for a while during the last weeks of December. Too busy for the holidays perhaps. There will be only two more entries and then we’ll have wait for Caroline’s Journal, Vol 1, for more of Rose. Happy Holidays!

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