Thursday, December 15th, 1853

I arose quite early. – – Aunt Patsy came over soon after breakfast to go with Ma to Jerusalem to hear Mr. Burnet.[1] Pa intended going but his cold was so bad he declined. They dined with Mrs. Tebbs. They carried a snack with them intending to spend the evening with Mrs. Lewis, as they heard she was sick. – – Georgia came over for Aunt Patsy this evening.[2] They didn’t get back home before dark. – – Pa is quite sick tonight; has a high fever. – – I took down the curtains out of the chambers downstairs and fixed them for the rooms up here, got Mr. Rouse to make the rods.[3]

  1. [1]Ohio’s David Staats Burnet (1808-1867), was an early associate of Alexander Campbell. Nevertheless, Burnet differed with Campbell sufficiently enough so that his role in promoting formal church cooperation and establishing the American Christian Missionary Society in 1849 is credited with developing deep fractures in the American Restoration Movement. Burnet has been in Virginia for the annual meeting of the “Disciples of Christ.”A writer in 1918 described Burnet, using the writings of Campbell himself, as,”quite low in stature, but erect in carriage. His head was large and finely formed; his eyes prominent, full and sparkling; his features regular, with a mouth somewhat large, but firmly set, while in his bearing he was remarkably self-possessed, dignified and courteous, giving himself wholly to the cause of the Restoration. After a few years he became one of its most distinguished and successful advocates, delighting large audiences by his eloquent and copious diction, and his able presentations of the principles of the gospel, which he widely disseminated, not only in Cincinnati, but through many of the States from Maryland and Virginia to Kansas.”
  2. [2]As the Quarles’ seem to have no child so named, Georgia seems to be a ‘servant.”
  3. [3]Mr. Rouse is the overseer Pa hired last February.

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