Tuesday, December 6th, 1853

I arose as usual, commenced hemming the ruffles for my night gowns. It is the first stitch I have sewed for myself since we moved. In the evening I made the rosettes for the curtains. – – Eusebia & William Dandridge spent the afternoon with us.[1] – – Mr. James Cobb came very near being killed this evening. Was struck on the top of his head by a heavy piece of timber falling from the roof while he was standing down on the ground.[2] – – We received three letters from Sister this evening, should have received two of them last mail, but they were miscarried. She wrote that Tave & Jim would certainly come down with her Friday week, and perhaps Judie Brown, and that the “Squire” would be down Christmas. – – Pa spent the day at Mt. Hope and the Ct. House, returned home about nine, after we had finished supper. I went down and had something for him.

  1. [1]Historically Dandridge is a very prominent family name in the region, but oddly, no likely Dandridges, William or otherwise, are found in the usual period written records. Eusebia Robins doesn’t seem to have a cousin by that name either. If anyone has a suggestion…
  2. [2]James Cobb, 38, is listed as a miller in the most recent US Census. He and the John Cobb who was injured on the job a week ago are brothers and probably related to Montague Cobb in some fashion. The 1860 US Census lists their households together. However, in that census James himself is missing; his wife Martha is head of household. James will die not from a blow to the head, but from pleurisy in 1855.

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