Tuesday, November 29th, 1853

I arose as usual. Pa left for Court Martial and Ma for Mount Hope soon after breakfast.[1] I expected to spend quite a lonesome day as they would neither be back to dinner, but about an hour after they left I discovered a carriage coming to the house. I couldn’t for my life conceive who it was, when to my great surprise who should it be but Mr. & Mrs. Trible and Eddy.[2] I don’t know any one that could have surprised me more. I hadn’t heard that they were in the county. They spent the day with me and I know would have stayed all night if Ma had been at home. Mrs. T. played a good deal for me on the piano and begged me to play for her, but I was sorry I couldn’t oblige her. She and I had a long talk over old times. She told me Angie had two children, a boy and girl, and a heap more news about my old schoolmates.[3] Ma returned home about sundown. It was raining quite hard and indeed had commenced to rain before Mr. and Mrs. T. left. Pa returned soon after, expecting to find them here. Mr. Trible is very anxious to rent Mt. Hope and open a male & female school there, but he said he would be compelled to leave tomorrow and seemed very much troubled at not meeting with Pa, but I told him that Pa had refused yesterday to rent the place. He had several applications.

  1. [1]That Rose uses the term “Court Martial” suggest something unusual is going on up at the courthouse. Perhaps it is related to Uncle Edmund, an attorney, being commanded there yesterday.
  2. [2]Rev. Peter Trible, 52, and his wife Eliz [Haig] Trible, 33, conducted P. Trible’s School for Young Gentlemen and Mrs. Trible’s Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies at Woodland near Dunnsville in Essex County. Eddy is their son John Edwin Trible, about 10. We seem to have discovered where Rose received the latter part of her education.
  3. [3]As Eliz Trible may have been a second wife, Angie may be a daughter of Peter Trible. But as Rose wrote, “more news about my old schoolmates,” Angie may have been another student at Mrs. Trible’s.

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