Wednesday, November 23rd, 1853

I arose as usual this morning and as usual have been hard at work all day. – – Sawyer Jeffries from King and Queen, Capt. Douglas and Cousin Fendall came down with Pa from court and spent the night.[1] They all admire our new residence very much, but most of the persons seem to be impressed with the idea that it will be unhealthy, but we don’t think so. Ma was right much troubled to have supper tonight, not knowing where to go to look for anything scarcely, and she hasn’t gotten used to the stove in the dining room yet. We like the one we have very much, but Pa thinks he will change it and get a cooking stove. Mr. Pollard came down after ten and spent several hours.

  1. [1]With many Jeffries families in King and Queen County and nothing else to go on, any suggestion as to the identity of this “Sawyer Jeffries” is very speculative. But there is one Jeffries family listed in the 1850 US Census who may be more likely. That is Lewis Jeffries, about 53 this year. His son Robert, 24, is listed living with him and is a carpenter. That would suggest an interest in owning a saw mill. He is also list listed as owning $4,000 worth of real estate which would place him on approximately the same social plane as the other overnight guests. – – Capt. Douglas is Beverly Brown (B. B.) Douglass of Cownes near Aylett’s. The conspicuous lawyer, soldier, and politician will appear often in the Littlepage journals. – – Cousin Dr. Fendall Gregory needs no further introduction.

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    1. Woodbury is located along a river, generally considered in the nineteenth-century the location of “bad air,” the cause of diseases. It took a while to realize that the mosquitos found in abundance along the water transmitted the disease, not the air.

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