Tuesday, November 22nd, 1853

Ma layed the floor at the dining room door. I arose very early. Clary & Myself finished the carpet before dinner, we put them all down in the afternoon. – – Superior Court commenced today. Pa went up about eleven and returned about the same hour. – – I never saw prettier weather than we have now. – – The workmen I believe laid the foundation for the quarter today. – – We were right much disappointed in not receiving a letter from Sister this evening. – – Mr. McCrae, Dr. Friend & Mr. Johnson called to see Pa on business this morning and spent several hours.[1]

  1. [1]Chesterfield County’s Col. Sherwin McRae (1805-1889) was King William County attorney some years previous. While living in King William he married Sarah Johnson, daughter of William Christopher Johnson, Sr. of Old Town. Thus he retained ties with the county long after moving back to the Richmond area. McRae’s varied career included being a founder of the Virginia Historical Society and State Librarian. His obituary in the Richmond Dispatch filled almost a full column on page one. Dr. John E. Friend is married to Sarah Johnson McRae’s sister Mary. They live adjacent to McRae in Henrico County on Creighton Road. One of the two Johnson in-laws, William Christopher Johnson, Jr., or Anderson Johnson, may have rounded out this trio visiting Woodbury.

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  1. In regard to yesterday’s comments about maps, the Wendenburg/Garber Map shows most of the historic sites in the county, including Woodbury, Mount Hope and Oakdale frequently mentioned in Rose’s and Caroline’s journals. The map is available in the Historical Society’s Museum Gift Shop.

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