Tuesday, August 30th, 1853

We all arose quite early. – – Pa had one of the finest lambs killed this morning he says he ever saw, and a very nice pig. – – Cousin R. King, Cousin Fendall, Uncle Hardin, Col. Skyren, Messrs. Brown, Garrett, Uncle Washington, Dr. Lewis, Brother & Mag dined with us.[1] Mag brought the boy with her. It is the first time he has been out. Cousin Fendall was decidedly more agreeable today than I ever saw him. Mag & brother spent the night.

  1. [1]Most of these dinner guests should be familiar. But “Cousin R. King” is likely James (Hill) King’s brother Col. Robert. He will soon marry the widow Edulia [Gregory] Motley. Messrs. Brown and Garrett are likely Archie Brown and one of the Garrett brothers, Camm or Larkin.

Monday, August 29th, 1853

Nothing particular occurs. The Misses Lewis spent the afternoon with us. “Mittie”, old Dr. Zachary Lewis’ daughter, was with them. I admire her very much.[1] – – Pa spent the morning at Woodbury, took dinner with Uncle Hardin.

  1. [1]Dr. John Zachary Lewis, b. 1787, of King and Queen County and his first wife Ann Catherine [Skyrin] Lewis are the parents of our Dr. John Skyrin Lewis. “Mittie” is is his much younger half-sister by his second wife, Maria Louisa Adelaide [Clopton] Lewis. “Mittie” may be Ann C., about 20, or Martha R., 16. We met the “Misses Lewis” on 5 March.

Thursday, August 25th, 1853

We arose about eight o’clock. Ma had breakfast a second time for us. – – Pa ate and went down to Woodbury long before we awoke. Annie, Sister & myself in compliance with a promise we made Cousin M. last evening to meet her there, spent the day at Mrs. Hill’s, met with Mrs. Lewis and her family.[1] Spent a very agreeable day. Ann Maria returned home with Cousin Maria. – – Pa returned home about 12 o’clock, finished fanning his wheat. It turned out much better than he expected. He made 869½ bushels down there and only seeded 61. – – Ma is drying some very nice peaches.

  1. [1]Beside being “next door” neighbors of the Littlepages, the widow Mrs. Harriett Herbert [Claiborne] Hill of Forkland is an aunt of Mrs. Octavia Claiborne [Hill] Lewis, a.k.a Mrs. Dr. John S. Lewis of Mount Rose.

Monday, August 22nd, 1853

Another beautiful Fall day. – – We all arose quite early. Pa left for Court directly after breakfast. Ma decided to have washing done in the dining room. Just as soon as Clary got well on the way, a servant came by to let us know that Cousin Maria Gregory’s family would dine with us. Cousin M., Cousin Evalina & Ann Maria arrived about ten.[1] Cousin Roger, Cousin William, Mr. Brooks & Mr. Sale came down and spent the evening.[2] Cousin Maria would make Sister and myself go home with her. Spent a very pleasant night, played cards, backgammon &c till twelve. – – Ann Maria is decidedly more in love with Cousin Roger than any one I ever saw.[3]

Note: At the end of this entry, there is a line written in pencil in Rosa’s handwriting which reads, “Pa bought a piece of land joining Woodbury & paid 12 an acre.”

  1. [1]We have arriving: the widow Maria G. [Ellett] Gregory (1788-1860), Evelina [Gregory] Brooks (1804-1885) and her daughter Mary Ann Maria [Brooks] Gregory (1838-1856).
  2. [2]Joining them were Roger Gregory (1833-1920), his older brother William (1831-1900), and Evelina’s husband William Brookes (1808-1860). Mr. Wade Sale’s wife Susan sent Ma a rose back on 22 March.
  3. [3]For the curious, Ann Maria and her husband are first cousins.